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 New  Will you Cop 2019 Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey? 10/06/2019 14:26
Auteur:  blair2019 11836 Mail: stevenrowe98 @ gmail.com
This year, as the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4, there are naturally many classic colors that will return to your horizons! After the black and red Air Jordan 4 re-enactment, another popular color match will return in the year! Launched in 2004, Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey is popular among sneaker players and many stars for its versatile style. The Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey is crafted from grey matte leather with a white midsole, complemented by a metallic lace-up hole and a heel Jumpman Logo. The calming and elegant effect is also outstanding. The yellow part of the tongue is contrasted with the upper, which not only plays a role in the finishing touch, but also adds a bit of energy to the pair of cool style shoes.

2019 Cheap Jordan As a shoe inspired by the Ferrari sports car, the Air Jordan 14 has always had a good popularity. In 2014, Jordan launched an Air Jordan 14, directly named after Ferrari, and the design of the Ferrari sports car has received countless fans. After a lapse of five years, Jordan finally decided to launch this theme color matching shoes again. This color is selected from the yellow of the iconic Ferrari body, and the streamlined upper design makes people really have a sense of sports car. The material of the shoe body is made of high-quality leather, which replaces the original full-skin design. It has changed the disadvantage that the upper is not easy to handle and fades easily, and is more suitable for daily wear. The midsole is decorated with carbon fiber texture, which is full of technology and more suitable for the sports car theme. The classic flying man logo on the side of the shoe has not been changed, and still uses the iconic Ferrari logo design. The logo of the followers and the 23 characters are all in red, which is very similar to the taillights of sports cars.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Paris Streetball Championship Quai 54 welcomes the exclusive Quai 54 series created by Jordan Brand every summer. The rare number of sales and unique themes are naturally the heart of many shoe fans! This time covers three types of shoes, Air Jordan 8, Air Jordan 1 Mid and Jumpman Diamond Mid! The Air Jordan 8 is surrounded by a colorful pattern, and the tongues are red, white and blue, and red, green and yellow, respectively, representing the French flag, echoing the heel pattern. As a reserved project of Quai 54 and Jordan Brand, even rarer versions of friends and relatives will emerge on the Internet! Wrapped in white leather, the cross straps of the shoes are made of translucent TPU and printed with red, black, yellow, blue and green geometric patterns of the tournament. The black midsole and the ice blue translucent outsole are highly recognizable and unforgettable.

 New  Re: Will you Cop 2019 Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey? 22/07/2019 11:30
Auteur:  barbara05 11486
I find your site awesome, I wish you all the best because you deserve it, good luck and congratulations for this great site!

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